PM Ward Rounds Club

The PM Ward Rounds meetings takes place once a month, from February to November, on the last Thursday of the month from 17:30 until 19:30. It functions as a multi-disciplinary ward round where case studies are discussed. The discussion will take the form of short talks given by invited speakers involved in the patient care and will last for 60 minutes. The club is accredited for CPD points. One point per meeting will be awarded.

The idea is to create multi-disciplinary involvement and develop practical patient management skills.

The industry will be approached for collaboration and might be involved in the logistics of organizing the monthly events.

Event venues are communicated to club members on a monthly basis and you will be requested to RSVP for attendance.

PM Ward Round Membership Information

The PM Ward Round will be open to both SASPEN and non-SASPEN members. We are looking to attract all health professionals involved in the care of patients receiving clinical nutrition support, thus not just dietitians.

For members residing >50km from the event, participation is made possible through live video streaming via a closed Facebook group.

There will be a fee payable for club membership on a yearly basis. Ad-hoc membership will not be allowed and fees will not be pro-rated. Special rates might apply for this year’s launch of the club.

SASPEN members: R200 per year (10 club activities)

Non-SASPEN members: R500 per year (10 club activities)

If you would like to join, please click here.