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A message from the President.

Dear SASPEN members,

2014 has been a busy year for SASPEN. We hosted 4 road shows with the title Back To Basics, mainly in rural areas. It was very well attended and we received an overwhelming response for more. Next year we would like to visit the remaining provinces.

We finished the Nursing enteral education presentation and is ready for any opportunity to present it. We have been in contact with Mediclinic and Netcare in this regard.

Our new online and social media is busy and drawing a lot of response. SASPEN participated in the BDA initiated worldwide dietitians day and will definitely take part again next year. We have posted a lot of information on world days such as diabetes day. Thank you to Carla Houze from Imago for her hard work and to you for taking part in the discussions.

We hope, through the creation of sub-committees, to be even more active next year. The council would like to invite all SASPEN members to indicate if they are willing to participate in the organisation of scientific events, serve on a committees for the evaluation of documents that requires a response from SASPEN (please indicate your field of expertise), supply information for social and online media or any marketing/financial skills.

SASPEN has commented on various documents: drafts of R429 and R991, the adult hospital level EDL and STG, the national adult parenteral guideline and the national paediatric parenteral guideline.

SASPEN obtained a block membership with ESPEN which has a lot of benefits for the members. As president, I have seat on the ESPEN council and through sponsorship, I was able to attend the council meeting. The council was very excited that South Africa was finally there. I also discovered a lot of opportunities for research sponsorship and for nutrition day. I will attend the next ESPEN council meeting in January 2015.

SASPEN will join the Critical Care Society for a congress in July 2015 in Sun City. We have invited Mette Berger and Olle Ljunqvist Olle as international speakers.

A big thank you to the SASPEN council for their hard work.

I would like to wish you a wonderful festive season and a prosperous 2015.

Arina Prins
SASPEN President


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